The Crew


Mark originally started driving for The Human Mover Bus Company to get experience in preparation for his big OE. (Be warned don’t ever get him started on travelling) After travelling the world Mark then returned home and re-joined The Human Mover Bus Company, He later moved on to start up Charlie’s Party Bus Company some 7yrs ago. He is also your first point of contact when you call the company making him the world’s number 1 receptionist! ( Ha ha ) Mark has a passion for the industry and ensures that a trip with Charlie’s is well organised along with great service, well executed and one to remember.


Martin started driving for Charlie’s after he was peer pressured by his co-worker and soon to be boss. Martin has been driving for 5 years and is known as the Charlie’s GINGA therefore proving we are a ginga friendly company.


James has just returned to Charlies after a year off (they just cant stay away!) His nick name is “Train Fish” (we didn’t tell you that though) and he has a passion for old style cars – if you can stop him talking then well done to ya!


Simon has been driving for Charlies for 2 years now and is often seen getting into the spirit of things on the dance floor (yes we swear he is sober haha). Simon is a keen fisherman in his spare time often venturing off to who-knows-where in search of a decent catch.


Colin has been in the company from day one, another ex Human Mover driver. Colin will entertain your night with his bubbly personality and he is a keen motorbike enthusiast. He also enjoys a good jam on the guitar.


Tim has been with Charlies for about 18 months now. Tim has a passion for motorbikes and cars. He’s a fun friendly driver who will always guanrantee you and your friends a great night.


Riki came along to Charlies to about 18 months ago to drive “for just a couple of weeks” while some staff were away… well, we cant get him to leave now haha!  Riki has the personality to make sure everyone that has him as a driver always asks for him again.


Gareth is the prankster of the team, but don’t worry they are normally aimed at the rest of the staff. He is our newest driver and is always seen with a camera in his hand to catch those photos you weren’t quite ready for (sorry we only take bad photos).


Angela is our only female driver (we learnt our lesson the first time haha) She doesn’t know her left from her right, or how traffic lights work but hey, that just adds to the excitement. Angela has a great sense of humour and will always ensure you have a great night.


Jamie is by far the youngest member or the Charlies crew. We promise he has passed his learners. Jamie has a thing for hats and a way of always getting himself into the most peculiar situations. He hasn’t learnt how to use the brake yet or to avoid power poles but surprisingly always gets everyone safely to the next destination. Jamie is a really friendly guy with a great sense of humour…and a lot of hats….


Chris is a whole load of personality packed into a little package. You’ll probably see him bouncing around with a massive grin on his face and wonder why we haven’t banned him from redbull yet. Chris is a super friendly guy and always goes out of his way to ensure his customers have a night to remember.


Euan is the newest member to the drivers team. More often than not, you’ll find Euan right up in the mix of the night in the middle of the dancefloor. Euan is a really friendly and approachable guy and even thrown in the deep end he has his customers requesting him as a driver next time!

The Hosts


Kimberlea is your main point of contact in regards to events and keeps everything ticking along behind the scenes. You’ll normally see her out with a *cough cough* redbull in her hand and a smile on her face that suggests she’s plotting some mischief haha


Hayden or better known as Picklepants (that’s his elf name) is one of our Charlies hosts. He’s always got a camera in his hand to catch your embarrassing moments (once again, we only take bad photos). Hayden is a beekeeper during the day so always has some interesting stories to tell.


Ellen is another of our Charlies hosts. Ellen is a cheerleader (seriously) and will do things you never thought possible to do (haha). She is a fun, friendly girl so make sure you come up and say hello!