Wine Trails

Wine trails usually take place in the weekend. They are often used for Hen's trips, Birthdays, Work Dos or when the girls feel they just need a get together. read more

Pub Crawls

A pub crawl with Charlies can take place either at night around the suburban bars of Christchurch or during the day with a choice of popular routes. read more


We can cater from 20 people to 200 people! All buses have great sound systems and come with a fun friendly driver that will guarantee a great trip. read more

Friendly Staff

Our staff aim to make your night a very enjoyable one! Your night will never end in disappointment. read more

VIP Club

Join our VIP club to receive news on Exclusive Pricing Specials and Upcoming Coming Events! read more

Regular Events

We hold regular events for everyone to join in on, they're always a great way to meet new people! read more